As an owner/operator of McDonald’s, Carlos Mateos has gone above and beyond the expectations of a franchisee. He doesn’t simply focus on operations and profit, but rather, his focus extends outside the walls of his restaurants. His true investment is in his people and the community he serves surrounding his restaurants.

He is always looking for ways to have the greatest reach and impact in these communities. McD Mateos aims to transform what it means to be a franchisee owner. He strives to be the model for other owners across the nation.

Over 80% of McDonald’s restaurants are owned and operated by franchisees, not the company itself, and corporate’s goal is to bring that number up to at least 95% owned and operated by individuals. With that being said, combined with the fact that there is a McDonald’s restaurant just about everywhere you go, there is the potential to reach and impact communities across the nation.

If owners recognize this, invest the time, and sacrifice the money to be a part of a larger purpose, together we can transform the franchisee model to be a part of a nationwide movement that invests in our communities, so that we can have a real and tangible impact. McD Mateos aims to spark this movement.